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Individual Dental Plans 


Preventive dental care can save you money by keeping your mouth protected from more serious dental issues. Besides protecting your smile, regular dental check-ups help monitor your overall health. Many risks, such as diabetes, oral cancer and heart disease can be detected early on by a dentist.


Ameritas individual dental insurance is an affordable way to maintain dental health when you are not covered through an employer. And having your own plan means it’s portable – you can take it with you if you retire, change jobs, start your own business, or take a sabbatical. 

PrimeStar Advantage Plus

PrimeStar Advantage

PrimeStar Progressive

PrimeStar Advantage Plus

PrimeStar Advantage Plus Network

PrimeStar Advantage


Advantage Network

PrimeStar Progressive

PrimeStar Progressive Network

Use this secure site to view plan options and pricing. Plan designs may vary by state and not all plan designs are available in all states. 


Eyewear savings
Save up to 15% off frames and lenses purchased at any Walmart Vision Center nationwide (savings does not include contact lenses or vision care materials).

Prescription savings You and your friends and family can save on prescription medications at over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide including CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid and Walmart.

Find dental wellness information at

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  • No waiting periods
  • No enrollment fees
  • Includes orthodontic coverage
  • $1,000 or $2,000 calendar year maximum benefit

  • No waiting periods
  • No enrollment fees
  • $1,000 calendar year maximum benefit


  • No enrollment fees
  • $1,500 calendar year maximum benefit

It’s never too soon to think about retirement and investing in the future. At Ameritas, we have plans and products that can help you invest and protect you and your loved ones.

If you are a producer and would like to sell our individual dental and vision plans, contact agent services for help setting up your producer portal account and creating your unique sales link.

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Dental Plan Highlights


  • Each plan provides a different level of benefits to meet your individual needs.
  • All plans cover preventive services, such as an annual dental exam and cleaning, at 100% when visiting a network provider.
  • You have the freedom to use any dentist with the opportunity to save an average of 30% with an Ameritas Dental Network provider.
  • If you know your dentist is in the Ameritas Dental Network, take advantage of one of the “network” plans to save money on your monthly premium.
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