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This information is provided by Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. (Ameritas Life) and Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. of New York (Ameritas of New York). Individual dental and vision products (Indiv. 9000 Ed. 07-16, dates may vary by state) are issued by Ameritas Life in all states other than New York, and by Ameritas of New York in New York. Some states require that producers be appointed with us before soliciting products. To become appointed with Ameritas Life, please call 800-659-2223. To become appointed with Ameritas of New York, please call 800-201-8562. Most plans for groups with 26 or more enrolled lives are administered by Ameritas Life or Ameritas of New York. Billing and eligibility for most plans with 25 or fewer enrolled lives are provided by HealthPlan Services, Inc. Ameritas, the bison design, "fulfilling life" and product names designated with SM or ® are service marks or registered service marks of Ameritas Life, affiliate Ameritas Holding Company or Ameritas Mutual Holding Company. All other brands are property of their respective owners.



© 2017 Ameritas Mutual Holding Company Plans are insured by Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. Individual plans are administered by HealthPlan Services



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